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8/08/2019 - 19/09/2019
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Mindfulness in ACTion
Science has shown how mindfulness can help you:
• Reduce anxiety
• Increase concentration
• Live in the present moment

But, did you know that it has also been found to:
• Boost immune system
• Lower blood pressure
• Increase will-power and self-control?

- So, what is ACT?

The Acceptance and Commitment Training approach brings together traditional mindfulness practices (observing, focusing awareness, attending, labelling) with modern behaviour analysis methods. The combination helps you identify what is important to you - your values. Then, from a place of flexible awareness and self-compassion, it becomes easier to pursue actions that serve those values.

Mindfulness in ACTion combines tradtional practices of meditation (observing your thoughts without reacting) with ACTion strategies resulting in a 6 week course that will help you learn new skills and be able to confidently address life’s challenges and improve your mental health, work-life balance, relationships and general well-being.

- When?

Every Thursday starting on the 8th of August until the 19th of September from 7-9pm.

8:30 AM - 5:30 PM
Break Out
Go deeper into the value of play and how it can bring more meaning and impact to your work
August 13th | 8:30-5:30pm | Northcote Town Hall

Part performance, part ‘choose-your-own-adventure’, part experiential playground -- Break Out is a summit for creative thinkers and change-makers.

Join us as we ditch the old conference model, unleash the power of play and together, experience the transformative benefits of play at work.

Led by IDEO partner, Brendan Boyle and world-renowned play researcher, Dr Stuart Brown, alongside a smorgasbord of Melbourne's best facilitators, Break Out will get you to think differently, challenge “business-as-usual” and feel empowered to try new things.

The food will be delicious, the experience sensorial and the learning experiential!

$329 GA

11:00 AM - 12:00 NOON
SoulTime is a special bimonthly event held at the Northcote Town Hall which provides an opportunity to reflect on inspiring themes and common threads that tie us all together.
It features music, audio-visual pieces and reading from faiths and philosophers, authors, leaders and indigenous cultures, from around the world.
The purpose of SoulTime is to inspire us to transform our lives, and our communities with actions that promote the unity and betterment of society.
.An initiative of the Baha’i community of Darebin, Soultime is a free community event open to everyone.

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